Ghost Towns
and Mining Camps

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Name: Berdoo Camp

Location: Take I-10 east to Indio, exit north on Dillon Road. Continue north and west when the road ends, to 3447'59",11611'09". Turn on the dirt road headed northeast into the mountains. From here, 4 wheel drive is recommended. Turn left at 3349'43", 11608'57".

Access: Dirt roads, 4wd vehicles OK.

Comments: There are a few mines in the area, but Berdoo Camp was never a mining town. Built in the 1930s, this town of more than 35 buildings served as the division headquarters for the construction of the East Coachella Tunnel, an 18 mile long section of the underground Colorado River Aquaduct. The tunnel is about 2000 below you as you stand in Berdoo Camp. The project was finished in 1937, and the town abandoned. Some walls and foundations remain.