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Thomas Mountain Road - 6S13

Access: Both the entrance and exit of this road are accessed from Hwy 74 in Garner Valley.
Total Distance: 14.51 miles
Elevation Gain/loss: 2156 feet
Starts at: 33.59171N, -116.61897W, 4732 feet
Ends at: 33.65749N, -116.6654W, 4390 feet

Comments: Why drive 4.5 miles on a paved highway when you can get to the same spot via 14.5 miles of dirt? This trail leaves Hwy 74 near the tiny community of Thomas Mountain, and rejoins hwy 74 just south of Lake Hemet. The trail begins winding upward through chapparel, oak and pinyon, changes to oaks and grassy meadows about halfway up, and then tall pines, cedars and fir at the highest elevations. Along the way are a couple of developed campgrounds, and 9 undeveloped 'yellow post' campsites. Watch for cattle, as this section of forest is leased for grazing in summertime. US Forest Service rates this trail as easy.

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