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Coxey Meadow via Coxey Road (3N14)

Trailhead Access: Take I-10 (Hwy 330) to Running Springs, CA, (State Hwy 18) to Big Bear Lake Dam (State Hwy 38). Do not cross the dam, continue on the north shore of Big Bear lake. Turn left off the highway at the top of Grout Bay in Fawnskin.
Total Distance: 11.02 miles
Elevation Gain/loss: Low point: 5621 feet, High point: 7190 feet
Starts at: 3410'27"N, 11657'05"W
Ends at: 3420'05"N, 11704'09"W
Comments: From Fawnskin, proceed northwest. In about 2 miles, you'll pass Hanna Flat Campground. After 1.8 miles more, you'll cross over the Pacific Crest Trail. Continue another 2.5 miles more and you'll pass the campground and ranger station at Big Pines Flat (information on these campgrounds can be found elsewhere on this website). Continue up the road ignoring the occasional trails headed off to the left and right. 4.75 miles after leaving Big Pines, you'll arrive at the meadows on your left. US Forest Service rates this trail as easy.

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