San Jacinto Ridge Truck Trail

Name: San Jacinto Ridge Truck Trail

General Location: San Jacinto Mountains

Difficulty: Easy. Stock SUVs ok, 4 wheel drive rarely required.

Starts at: 3344'13"N, 11649'29"W

Ends at: 3345'44"N, 11644'40"W

Elevation Gain: 4767 ft

Comments: Take Hwy 74 through Hemet, up toward the San Jacinto Mountains. About .8 miles past Cranston Fire Station, turn north on Bee Canyon Truck Trail. Proceed 2.9 miles back west then north into Bee Canyon to the intersection of San Jacinto Ridge Truck Trail. There are a half dozen or so obstacles along the way, where some hefty boulders have rolled down into the middle of the roadway. I have been able to squeeze past them in my full size pickup (it was a little scary), so most standard SUVs should have no problem. The road switchbacks eastward about 4.12 miles to Pigeon Spring. Another .58 miles takes you to Fawn Spring. Another 2.8 miles takes you to your first river crossing at the north fork of the San Jacinto river. At this point the chapparel begins to change to oaks and alders. Sometimes there are trout in this river (the Fish and Game department stocks the river several miles upstream). Continue another .73 miles eastward to your 2nd river crossing at Stone Creek. There is a forest service 'yellow post' campground here. Vegetation begins to change from oaks to pines, cedar and fir. Another 3.79 miles takes you to the intersection of the Red Hill Truck Trail. The road is usually closed after memorial day due to fire danger.

This guide is for reference only. Always use a real topographic map, compass and GPS.